Thrifting Heaven – 5 Thrift Locations Near Gardens Centre Holiday Apartments

Suburb of Gardens in Cape Town

Thrifting Heaven – 5 Thrift Locations Near Gardens Centre Holiday Apartments

Thrifting is amazing for many reasons: it’s sustainable, it’s cheap, and there is something for everyone! Cape Town sports many brilliant thrift stores with unique vintage and second-hand items. We have chosen our top 5 favourite thrifting locations that are right on our doorstep:

Lower Main Road, Observatory

This location is a student’s dream! The road boasts a vast number of thrift stores, each with their own special quarks.

BangBang Vintage Market is the place to go if you are looking for Doc Martens. The store often has numerous pairs available. Be sure to pop into the back of the store to look at the steampunk fashion items!

NeverNew has something for everyone! From t-shirts to tuxes to knits to shoes, this thrift store has everything you could be looking for. And if you can’t find anything in the main store, head around the corner to their second, smaller shop.

Grand Funk Retro Vintage is a smaller store, but with an excellently curated selection. This is, for sure, where you will find your next festival outfit or favourite new item from the 80s!

CoLab22 has the best vibes along this street, plus one of the best blazer racks we have seen! Head here for the coolest pieces imaginable.

Other stores along Lower Main Road include Better Half, Pereira Vintage, and Voom Voom Records and Vintage.

Milnerton Market

A flea market is always the best place to find some of the most unique and treasured pieces of your cupboard. Besides second-hand clothing, the market has vendors selling local art, trinkets, furniture, and décor. The Market is open over the weekends and on public holidays, weather permitting.

Long Street

Long Street is a great stretch of road for independent businesses, stores, and cafes.

Afraid of Mice described the clothes they stock as ‘the clothes you wish your mother had kept for you’. Find everything from retro dresses to your new favourite jacket.

Gracious Daisy Vintage stocks vintage suits, sets, dresses, and more. Be sure to head here before your next fancy dinner party.

Glitterati is located in the Long Street Antique Arcade and sells affordable vintage items from the 1950s to the 1980s, as well as beautiful jewellery.

Dreamland Vintage

Dreamland Vintage is just off Kloof Street and gets stock from all over the world. They usually stock whatever is currently in fashion globally, so this is your best bet for affordable branded items.

RetroStash Clothing, Kloof Street

Retro Stash is another contender for purchasing second-hand Doc Martens. They also sell reworked and upcycled items of branded clothing, along with good jackets, faux furs, and denim.

Thrifting is a great way to lower your carbon footprint and find your unique style, cost-effectively. Gardens Centre Holiday Apartments is lucky to have so many great vintage stores close by. Please remember to check opening times for the stores. Don’t forget to share and tag us in your new favourite OOTD!

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