Things you can see and do within walking distance from Gardens Centre Holiday Apartments

walking distance

Things you can see and do within walking distance from Gardens Centre Holiday Apartments

One of the best things about Cape Town, being the oldest city in the country, is its incredible history. The majority of the city’s historical sites and attractions are in the city bowl, and conveniently within walking distance of the Gardens Centre Holiday Apartments. Here are three which you simply cannot miss while visiting the Mother City.

District Six Museum

This reminder of our rocky past, specifically during the apartheid years, can’t be missed, by anyone. Whether you’re a guest at Gardens Centre Holiday Apartments or a local Capetonian, you have to visit the District Six Museum at least once. The award-winning museum reveals what it was really like when the apartheid government declared the area “whites only” and more than 60,000 people were forced to leave their homes and be relocated to the Cape Flats. It is a stark, yet fascinating, insight into the history of our city, and no historical journey through Cape Town would be complete without it.

Walk the Museum Mile

Connecting Orange St (the road which passes the Gardens Centre Holiday Apartments) with Adderley Street visitor will find the Museum Mile. This walkway passes straight through the Company Gardens and offers a slice of tranquillity in the hustle and bustle of central Cape Town. There is a symbolic silent bell that serves as testimony to the slaves who once worked in the former vegetable garden. Along the oak tree-lined walkway or Government Avenue as it is officially known, you will also find the National Gallery, the Houses of Parliament, the Iziko Museum, Planetarium, and Slave Lodge. A mere 5-minute walk from our hotel, this should be the first walk you take as it’ll immerse you into the heart of the city.

The Castle of Good Hope

Now, if you’re from Europe, this castle might not be exactly what you’re accustomed to, but in the grand scheme of South African history, its role cannot be overstated enough. Built between 1666 and 1679 by the Dutch East India Company (VOC) as a maritime replenishment station, it is to this day the oldest colonial building in the country. With numerous exhibits and rooms to explore, it’s another essential stop for anyone interested in South Africa history.

We hope that you enjoy your stay with us at the Gardens Centre Holiday Apartments and that on your next visit you explore the wonderful city, set at the foot of South Africa’s most famous mountain.

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