Best picnic spots in Cape Town

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Picnics are a fun and inexpensive way to enjoy a meal. With Cape Town’s abundant natural beauty, we have an unlimited number of places to have a stellar picnic. We’re here to tell you some of our favourite picnic spots in Cape Town.


Parks are the obvious go-to for picnics. We’ve already written about our top parks to visit in Cape Town, which you can read here. All of these would make an excellent option for a picnic, but Kirstenbosch is our favourite, with its sprawling green lawns and beautiful gardens you can get lost in. If you are looking for a picnic and a show, be sure to check out their outdoor summer concerts!


Cape Town is known for its countless amazing beaches. When the weather is nice and sunny, there is no better place to go for a picnic than the beach. Our favourite time of day for a picnic at the beach is at sundown, when you can marvel at the stunning African sunset and the beautiful colours it turns the sky. Here are our top beaches to visit, although there are many more worth your time!

Table Mountain

Table Mountain offers a unique experience for a picnic, as you can look across the entire city of Cape Town and at the sea that stretches far into the distance. Take the cable car up, or if you’re brave you can hike to the top. Sunset is a brilliant time for a picnic on Table Mountain – just be sure to check the time so you don’t miss the last cable car down.

Signal Hill

Signal Hill is perhaps the easier and cheaper option if you don’t want to take the trip up to Table Mountain. A green tarp has been laid out on the side of the hill for picnics and staring off at the sea. Order a taxi to drop you off, or be sure to park in the carpark, as you may get a ticket if your car is parked along the road.

Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve

The Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve is situated along the Cape Peninsula and is home to a vast array of fauna and flora. Some of the highlights include over 250 species of birds, baboons, the Cape mountain zebra, and a diverse collection of fynbos. There are numerous picnic spots, as well as hiking trails, walking paths, and tidal pools on isolated beaches.

If we’ve missed out your favourite picnic spot, feel free to share your hidden gem! Gardens Shopping Centre is home to grocery stores where you can pick up all your delicious snacks and a bottle of champagne. If you need further recommendations or are in need of directions don’t hesitate to ask our friendly staff at reception.

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