1km… Just how far can it take you?


1km… Just how far can it take you?

Location, location, location. When searching for your home-away-from-home in a new city, be it for work or pleasure, it is undeniable that location is always key.

Situated in the dynamic Gardens area, right on the cusp of the city centre, our holiday apartments offer you the convenience and locale you are looking for. With the city of Cape Town on your doorstep and the mountain in your back garden, there is so much to explore.

We’ve rounded up 10 of the top places to take note of…all within a 1km radius of the Gardens Centre Holiday Apartments. Yes, you read that correctly! Each of these places are only a 1km stroll away.

1. The Mount Nelson Hotel

If you fancy an afternoon of tea and cake, then you will undoubtedly find refuge in the grand walls of the Mount Nelson Hotel. Their high tea offerings, severed in an exquisite afternoon tea lounge, are legendary and certainly not to be missed. If tea and scones are not for you, the Mount Nelson also boasts two world class dining experiences that may tickle your fancy: The Oasis Bistro and The Lord Nelson Restaurant. 

Mt Nelson

2. The South African National Gallery and the Company Gardens

The National Gallery showcases a wide variety of contemporary and traditional artists, from both African and European artists alike. The selection of art pays tribute to the artistic heritage of the country as well as emerging artists and their stories. The gallery holds an impressive permanent collection and also hosts various temporary exhibitions throughout the year. The steps of the gallery spill out onto the sprawling lawns of the Company Gardens, which offer the perfect backdrop to a casual walk or picnic lunch. The gallery is open daily from 9am-5pm.

To keep up to date with the Iziko National Gallery, visit their website:


Iziko National Gallery

3. Enmasse Massage Concept

Enmasse Massage Concept offers an idyllic fusion of eastern and western cultures, culminating in a tranquil and reviving massage experience. From traditional Thai massages to reflexology, Shiatsu or tea tasting, you will find everything you could ever need to unwind from a busy day of work or play. As if that’s not enticing enough, Enmasse is located a mere stone’s throw away from Gardens Centre Holiday Apartments.

To make a booking or to find out more, take a look at their website:


4. The Labia

For all the cinephiles out there, the Labia theatre (celebrated as the oldest Independent Art-Repertory Cinema in South Africa) offers a unique combination of independent films, historical cinema as well as foreign and alternative films. The Labia also hosts various film festivals throughout the year. Make an evening out of it by having a glass of wine or a vodka slush-puppy at their in-house bar or even a bite to eat at the cosy coffee bar or one of the surrounding restaurants.

For prices and screenings details, take a look at their website: http://www.labia.co.za/labia_home.ht

Labia Theatre

5. Dentist and Doctor

While we definitely don’t recommend a trip to the dentist as one of Cape Town’s must-see attractions, it is still important to be prepared for any eventuality when in a new city. In the unfortunate event of the need for medical or dental attention, the Gardens Centre has a doctor’s and dentist’s practice – just few floors down from the apartments.

For more information of the respective practices, have a look at the following websites:



6. Cape CrossFit and Virgin Active

These next two places may not be on the top of everyone’s to-do list, but if keeping fit while in Cape Town is on yours, then look no further. Virgin Active offers the standard gym setup with a wide selection of equipment, classes and personal training options. CrossFit is slightly less orthodox than your standard gym and offers a selection of classes and private training that, as put by CrossFit themselves, “can be tough”.

Stick to those long-forgotten New Year’s resolutions and find out more about these facilities:



7. Lazari Food Gallery

If slow mornings and all day breakfasts are more your speed, then take a stroll to Lazari, the laid back local breakfast (or brunch) haunt. There’s Italian coffee, desserts and pastries, a cracking eggs benedict and of course free Wi-Fi. What more could you ask for? Lazari is open from 7:30am-5pm all week and from 8:30am-4pm on weekends.

Take a further look on their website:



8. MyCiti Bus Station

While the bus stop is not necessarily an exciting destination in and of itself, it is still a useful resource to make note of. The MyCiti buses offer affordable and efficient transportation that can take you anywhere from the bustling city centre to the serene waters of Sea Point promenade and beyond. Other notable destinations include Camps Bay, the Waterfront and Table Mountain.

For prices and route maps, visit the MyCiti website:


9. De Waal Park

De Waal Park offers a welcome change of scenery from the busy streets that surround it. The park is a picture-perfect spot for a picnic or afternoon stroll, offering a beautiful expanse of greenery, over 120 species of trees and a mountain backdrop to top it all off. As well as its natural beauty, De Waal Park also has a long history, having been built in 1895, and has heritage site status. If you happen to be in Cape Town during the summer, then be sure to attend the free concerts that take place on Sunday afternoons.

To find out more, visit their website:


de Waal park

 10. The South African Museum

The South African Museum has been building their collection for over 200 years and as a result offer more than 1 million specimens of scientific importance for visitors to see. While not all are permanently on display, you will still be able to witness a wide variety of specimens, ranging from 700-million-year-old fossils to insects, caught the previous week. If you are interested in immersing yourself in the biological and cultural history of our world, then the South African Museum is certainly worth a visit. The museum is open daily from 9am-5pm.

Find out more on their website:


These 10 spots are only a few amongst many than can be found around the Gardens Centre Holiday Apartments and beyond. This location is one that doesn’t stop giving as the airport is a 20minute drive away.

There are countless places still waiting to be explored, so embrace your adventurous spirit and discover the beautiful City of Cape Town!

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